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Shooting Spiner (Female)

Shooting Spiner (Female) In-game icon.
A Female Shooting Spiner.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Himeagea mittetsia
Family Wracknid
Areas Mushroom Valley, Steel Pipe Forest, Terror Trench
Attacks Stab Pikmin with legs

The Shooting Spiner (Female) (ブッパナシグモ(メス)?, lit.: "Firing Spider (Female)") is an enemy found in Hey! Pikmin. These spider-like creatures hang from strings of web, lower down to Pikmin level, and stretch their legs out to stab Pikmin and kill them. Much like Sheargrubs, this species has notable distinctions between the males and females.


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Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
N/A N/A N/A   × 0 Unknown Unknown


Female Shooting Spiners patrol their webs until Olimar moves nearby. In this state, they only detect him by horizontal approximation, meaning it doesn't matter how far away vertically he is. They also don't actively target the Pikmin. Once they spot the captain, they hang on through their string of web, and start lowering until they're leveled with their victim. Once this happens, they spin around a bit and spring their spiny legs to try to stab Olimar, regardless of him being in reach or not. Any Pikmin that are touched by the extended legs will be killed, and Olimar can also take damage with this. They then retract their legs and climb back up the string. After climbing the entire thing, they go back to their initial state. If while they're trying to come to the same level as Olimar, he ends up moving too far away horizontally, they will just spin and extend the legs right there, and then go back up.



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The female Spiner can be taken out in a single hit with a Pikmin. Be cautious to time a throw so the Spiner's legs will be retracted when the Pikmin lands. This means you should either attack before or after it does its own attack.

If you need to lure it down, you can do so safely. Carefully inch your way closer, and once the creature starts going down its string of web, stop. You should be far enough away for it to not reach you with the legs.


Hey! Pikmin logs

I was startled to learn that all members of this species are born male, but some metamorphose into females as they grow older. On second thought, it's a little embarrassing I was so surprised. The universe is a big place with all kinds of possibilities I never considered. Who am I to say this one or that one is weird?


See more: Wracknid_family#Naming.
  • Common name: Shooting Spiner (Female). Spiner is in reference to how it spins webs. However, unlike its male counterpart, it does not shoot any projectiles.
  • Japanese nickname: ブッパナシグモ(メス)?, lit.: "Firing Spider (Female)".
  • Japanese name: アシナガアザミグモ?, lit.: "Long-legged Thistle Spider".
  • Scientific name: Himeagea mittetsia. The species name mittetsia may be an allusion to "mitten", comparing their fuzzy appearance to that of a mitten.
  • Internal names: Unknown.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese ブッパナシグモ(メス)?
Buppanashi Gumo (Mesu)
Firing Spider (Female)
  Dutch Vrouwtjesschrikspin Female Spiner
  French Tisserand tireur femelle Female weaver shooter
  German Schreckspinne (weiblich) Frightspider (female)
  Italian Tessitrice nociva Harmful weaver
  Korean 발사거미(암컷)
  Spanish Cardándula (hembra) From cardo (thistle) and tarántula (tarantula)


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