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Honeywisp family

The honeywisp family (ミツムシ科?, lit.: "Nectar bug family") consists of only one known member – the eponymous Honeywisp.



Main article: Honeywisp.

The Honeywisp is a gentle creature that merely floats in the air carrying either a blob of nectar (in Pikmin) or an egg (as of Pikmin 2). It cannot harm Pikmin, but it can appear and disappear quite quickly. If a thrown Pikmin touches it, it instantly drops its nectar or egg and flies away.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning Notes
  Japanese ミツムシ科?
Mitsu mushi ka
Nectar bug family
  French mouchamiels From "mouche à miel" (literally "honey fly", but meaning "honey bee")
  Korean 꿀벌레 과
  Spanish (NoA) Agarramieles From "agarramiel" (honeywisp)
  Portuguese Levanectarídeos From "levar" (to take) and "néctar" (nectar)