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The beeb family (or soplouse family in the European version) is a family of creatures found only in the Nintendo Land attraction Pikmin Adventure. Beebs are typically made up of purple orbs as bodies, four slim legs, and eyes with stalks. Because of them only appearing in Pikmin Adventure, the beeb family technically aren't an actual biological family in the Pikmin universe, as all of the enemies in Pikmin Adventure are robotic.


Bladed Beeb[edit]

The Bladed Beeb.
Main article: Bladed Beeb.

The Bladed Beeb is the first Boss in Pikmin Adventure to be of the beeb family. Its body has two purple orb segments: the head and the abdomen. It highly resembles a praying mantis with blades for hands.

Bombardier Beeb[edit]

Four Bombardier Beebs in Pikmin Adventure.
Main article: Bombardier Beeb.

Official family unknown

The Bombardier Beeb is an uncommon variant of beeb that explodes when disturbed, similar to a Volatile Dweevil.

Creepy Beeb[edit]

Four Creepy Beebs in Pikmin Adventure.
Main article: Creepy Beeb.

Official family unknown

The Creepy Beeb is the most common beeb seen in Pikmin Adventure. They come in a variety of sizes but are generally very small. They attack by ramming into players and can be easily killed in a few attacks. Its other name is Worker Beeb.

Greater Studded Beeb[edit]

Screenshot of the Greater Studded Beeb.
Main article: Greater Studded Beeb.

The Greater Studded Beeb is the final boss of Pikmin Adventure. It is essentially a Bladed Beeb, but with Spike Balls for arms, and being more challenging to defeat.

King Beeb[edit]

Closeup of the King Beeb.

Main article: King Beeb.

Official family unknown

The King Beeb is one of the first mini-bosses in Pikmin Adventure. It is a lot larger than normal beebs, and functions similarly, rolling around the arena while attempting to crush Pikmin.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ワラジムシ科?
Warajimushi Ka
Woodlouse family


  • In the European version, the beebs are renamed baubs. It's unknown why it was changed. The name "Beeb family" also was changed into "Soplouse family".

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