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Since this subject has no official name, the name "Boulder" is conjectural.

This article is about the rocks that fall from the sky. For other rock-like objects, see rock.
Some falling boulders in a cave.
Several boulders falling at once.

Boulders are obstacles in the Pikmin games. They are large rocks that fall from the sky, often in groups, and can crush anything they land on. They can be identified by the growing shadow they cast on the floor as they fall, as well as the sliding whistle sound that accompanies their descent. These signs give players a warning that a rock is about to fall where the shadow is, giving them time to get out of the way.

In Pikmin 2, boulders appear in some caves, and also in some Challenge Mode and 2-Player Battle levels. In Pikmin 3, boulders only appear in Bingo Battle. Boulders in Bingo Battle fall faster than the ones in Pikmin 2. Rock Pikmin are immune to being crushed by boulders.

With ideal placing and timing, players can trigger a boulder drop such that it lands on top of an enemy, causing massive damage to the creature. Sometimes, if two boulders spawn close together in Pikmin 2, they can bump each other apart when they get close enough to the floor.[1]


The following can trigger a boulder to fall from the sky:

  • In caves, boulders can fall from the ceiling by themselves when a leader or Pikmin gets close to their spawn point.
  • The Empress Bulblax and the Segmented Crawbster can make boulders fall from the ceiling when they slam against a wall. These boulders spawn where the active leader is at.
  • In 2-Player Battle and Bingo Battle, a cherry power-up allows players to drop a shower of boulders where their opponent's active leader is. An item with the same effect can be obtained from capsules during Dandori Battles. These items in Bingo Battle and Dandori Battles are both called Rock Storm.

Because some of these triggers spawn boulders where the active leader is, players can anticipate a boulder downpour and quickly switch leaders to avoid having the boulders drop on leaders that have several Pikmin following them.


Story Mode caves
Challenge Mode
2-Player Battle

Boulder jump glitch[edit]

Main article: Boulder jump glitch.

In Pikmin 2, it is possible to exploit a glitch in the way the game handles lying down, and using it to make the leader jump quite high. By lying down in a specific time while a boulder is dropping on the leader, the leader will be sent flying into the air.

Technical information[edit]

For information on the rocks that lithopods spit, see Armored Cannon Larva technical information.
Pikmin 2 technical information (?)
Internal name rock
Global properties (List)
ID Japanese comment Property Value
s000 friction(not used) Friction 0.5
s001 wallReflection Unknown (wall bounce speed multiplier?) 0.1
s002 faceDirAdjust Unknown 0.25
s003 accel Acceleration 0.5
s004 bounceFactor Unknown (bounce when it hits the ground?) 0.3
fp00 ライフ HP 99999
fp01 マップとの当り Unknown (related to slopes) 25
fp02 ダメージスケールXZ Horizontal damage scale 0
fp03 ダメージスケールY Vertical damage scale 0
fp04 ダメージフレーム Damage scale duration 0
fp05 質量 Unknown (weight?) 0.0001
fp06 速度 Move speed 250
fp08 回転速度率 Rotation acceleration 0.03
fp09 テリトリー Territory radius 1
fp10 ホーム範囲 "Home" radius 1
fp11 プライベート距離 "Private" radius 75
fp12 視界距離 Sight radius 150
fp13 視界角度 FOV 180
fp14 探索距離 Unknown (exploration radius?) 1000
fp15 探索角度 Unknown (exploration angle?) 0.6
fp16 振り払い率 Successful shake rate 0
fp17 振り払い力 Shake knockback 0
fp18 振り払いダメージ Shake damage 0
fp19 振り払い範囲 Shake range 0
fp20 攻撃可能範囲 Unknown (shock attack max range?) 0
fp21 攻撃可能角度 Unknown (shock attack max angle?) 0
fp22 攻撃ヒット範囲 Unknown (attack hit range?) 20
fp23 攻撃ヒット角度 Unknown (attack hit angle?) 0
fp24 攻撃力 Attack damage 10
fp25 視界高 Unknown (height visibility?) 100
fp26 探索高 Unknown (exploration height?) 550
fp27 ライフの高さ HP wheel height 0
fp28 回転最大速度 Rotation speed 3
fp29 警戒時間 Unknown (warning time?) 0
fp30 警戒ライフ Unknown 0
fp31 ライフ回復率 Regeneration rate 0
fp32 LOD半径 Off-camera radius 50
fp33 マップとのあたりポリゴンの選定 Collision processing radius 40
fp34 ピクミンとのあたり Pikmin damage radius 25
fp35 石化時間 Petrification duration 1
fp36 ヒップドロップダメージ Purple Pikmin drop damage 10
fp37 地震気絶確立 Purple Pikmin stun chance 0.05 (5%)
fp38 地震気絶時間 Purple Pikmin stun time 10
ip01 振り払い打撃A Shake mode 1 – hit count 0
ip02 振り払い張付1 Shake mode 1 – Pikmin requirement 0
ip03 振り払い打撃B Shake mode 2 – hit count 0
ip04 振り払い張付2 Shake mode 2 – Pikmin requirement 0
ip05 振り払い打撃C Shake mode 3 – hit count 0
ip06 振り払い張付3 Shake mode 3 – Pikmin requirement 0
ip07 振り払い打撃D Shake mode 4 – hit count 0
Specific properties
ID Japanese comment Property Value
fp01 サーチゴロゴロ速度 Lithopod rock rumbling sound speed multiplier? 100


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