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These are the locations of all bridges, fragments, etc. in the Pikmin series.


Story mode[edit]

  • The Forest of Hope: Two bridges must be built to create a path between some islands to obtain the Sagittarius.
  • The Forest Navel: Two sloped bridges can be built down the central ledges to provide shortcuts. Two other sloped bridges must be built up to a plateau holding the Gravity Jumper. One last bridge must be built across the abyss to reach the island where the Libra is located.
  • The Distant Spring: There is a bridge near the landing site that will lead across the water to a beach. Two other bridges near the Gluon Drive must be built into each other to form a single larger bridge to carry the part across. A final bridge must be built in order to navigate the Bowsprit out of the stump without passing the fire.
  • The Final Trial: Two bridges must be built across the main part of the level to reach the final boss arena.

Challenge mode[edit]

Pikmin 2[edit]

Bridges only appear in overworld locations, and only in the game's story mode.

Pikmin 3[edit]

Story mode[edit]

  • Tropical Wilds: A brown bridge in the southeast of the map is built as part of the day 1 tutorial. Another brown bridge just southeast of the landing site must be built to reach the Sandbelching Meerslug, while a red bridge is located near the landing site leading to the northern portion of the area.
  • Garden of Hope: A brown bridge and a red bridge connect the landing site to the the area near the cave where Rock Pikmin are discovered. A blue bridge is built on the way to the Armored Mawdad arena. A red bridge and blue bridge can be built near the entrance to the Quaggled Mireclops arena. Additionally, a china pot that functions similar to a bridge must be built out of fragments in order to reach the Quaggled Mireclops arena.
  • Distant Tundra: Brittany must build a red bridge and Alph must build a blue bridge in the center of the map so that they can reunite after being separated when the area is first entered. Another red bridge can be built in the Vehemoth Phosbat arena to reach an electrode. There is also a hay bridge southwest of the landing site to allow easier access to the Citrus Lump and Zest Bomb.
  • Twilight River: A cyan bridge must be built to discover Winged Pikmin; this is the longest bridge in the game. A red bridge must be built afterward to reach the Scornet Maestro arena.
  • Formidable Oak: An optional red bridge is found in the first part of the cavern, while a blue bridge must be built to to get through the second part of the cavern.

Mission Mode – Collect Treasure![edit]

  • Tropical Forest: The red bridge is optional, but is highly recommended to get back to the SPERO faster.
  • Silver Lake: A red bridge next to the start leads to the southeastern half of the area.
  • Thirsty Desert: One brown bridge is used to cross a river, while another is used to go to a remote island with some treasures.
  • Twilight Hollow: A brown bridge bridges the river between the western and eastern halves, on the southern side.
  • Tropical Forest Remix: Same as Tropical Forest.
  • Silver Lake Remix: Same as Silver Lake, but there is also a brown bridge on the same ledge, but facing another way.
  • Twilight Hollow Remix: Same as Twilight Hollow.
  • The Rustyard: The almost-complete cyan bridge is one of the two main paths that connect the two halves of the area.
  • Clockwork Chasm: There is a brown bridge connecting two of the islands at the northwest.

Mission Mode – Battle Enemies![edit]

  • Silver Lake: A blue bridge connects the Winged Onion area to the remote island, while a brown bridge connects the Yellow Onion's area to the island.
  • Thirsty Desert: A brown bridge allows escaping from the Rock Pikmin island while a different brown bridge allows access through a river at the south.
  • Twilight Hollow: Same as the Collect Treasures! variant.
  • Tropical Wilds Remix: There is one brown bridge connecting the Blue Onion area to where the story mode landing site is.
  • Garden of Hope Remix: A blue bridge leads from the starting location to the northern part of the area, while a brown bridge and a red bridge connect the central part to the southeastern part, both in different locations.
  • Twilight River Remix: A cyan bridge connects the central area to the southern one.

Side Stories[edit]

  • Flower Garden: A fully assembled brown bridge connects the starting area to the location of the Rock Pikmin. A red bridge may be assembled as a possible route to the second half of the map.
  • Pikmin Reunion: A brown bridge must be assembled to reach a portion of the map containing Pikmin sprouts and some sources of nutrients.
  • Land, Sea, and Sky: A red bridge must be assembled to allow Red Pikmin and both leaders to leave the starting area, while a blue bridge must be built to allow leaders to access the Winged Onion.
  • First Part Found: A red bridge and a blue bridge are required in order to transport the part. These two share a central island, much like how Alph and Brittany reunite in the Distant Tundra.
  • Channel Gone Dry: A red bridge must be assembled to reach a corner of the level containing a large pile of nuggets and an Armored Cannon Beetle Larva.
  • Big Fruit Carnival: A red bridge is found at the end of the level, and can be built to grant direct access to the SPERO.
  • Another Part Found: A red bridge must be built immediately upon starting the level in order to escape its opening area.

Bingo Battle[edit]

  • Stagnant Sea: On all layouts, there is a bridge on either player's island that connects to the central island. On layouts A and B, this bridge is partially built, but it is fully built on layout C.
  • Parched Brook: On layouts A and B, there is a bridge on either player's side connecting to the other side. The bridge on layout B starts off more complete than in layout A.

Hey! Pikmin[edit]

  • First Expedition: There is a diagonal brown bridge right near the start. It is composed of 4 fragments, and there are 2 piles nearby, with 2 fragments each. There is also a blue bridge after the Loop of Beginnings with three piles of fragments above it, in three different levels. This bridge is made up of 8 fragments, and the piles are made up of 1, 2, and 5 fragments.
  • Cavern of Confusion: After climbing a series of vines, there is a diagonal white bridge of 5 fragments that needs to be built to go up. There are 3 piles in the same room, with 1, 2, and 2 fragments.
  • Glowing Bloom Pond: There is a room with Bouncy Mushrooms, Bloominous Stemples, an electrode, and a brown bridge. In it, there are also 2 piles of fragments, with 4 and 2 fragments, used on that same bridge, which is made of 6 fragments total. In addition, there is one fully built 10-fragment brown bridge where the first Widemouthed Anode Beetle is.
  • The Shallow End: There is a fully built blue bridge that allows the player to walk inside a doorway that leads to a dead end. It is made of 8 fragments.
  • Pollution Pool: There is a doorway that, on both sides, leads to the top of fully built glass bridges, of 4 fragments each. There is a third glass bridge before the standard exit, and it consists of 12 fragments. This one needs to be built using the pile on the left, with 2 fragments, and the two piles on the right, with 5 and 4 fragments.
  • Space of Silence: There is a long blue bridge, made out of 20 fragments, that needs to be built to cross the final gap. The player needs to use the 4 piles of fragments right to the left of the bridge, each with 5 fragments.
  • Secret Spot 19: There is a tiny blue bridge of 3 fragments that needs to be built, using the nearby pile of 2 fragments, in order to reach the goal.
  • Freezing Wasteland: There is a room with two Clicking Slurkers and a pile of 8 fragments. These are used to build a diagonal brown bridge nearby, made up of all 8.
  • Secret Spot 25: There are three dirt mounds in the room, each with 4 fragments. They are needed to build the 12-fragment blue bridge that goes diagonally up.

Pikmin 3 fragments[edit]

Story Mode[edit]

  • Tropical Wilds
    • Brown bridge near Alph’s crash site - groups of 3 and 12 tiles
    • Brown bridge near landing site - groups of 8 and 10 tiles
    • Red bridge - groups of 10 and 46 tiles (34 buried)
  • Garden of Hope
    • Brown bridge - groups of 14 and 15 tiles
    • Red bridge near landing Site - groups of 20 (in crystal) and 26 tiles
    • Blue bridge near Armored Mawdad - groups of 20 (in crystal) and 29 tiles
    • Red bridge after Louie escapes - 2 groups of 27 tiles
    • China pot - 2 groups of 30 tiles
    • Blue bridge near Quaggled Mireclops - groups of 20 (in crystal) and 30 tiles (20 buried)
  • Distant Tundra
    • Red bridge connecting to blue bridge - groups of 20 and 30 tiles
    • Blue bridge - groups of 20 and 30 tiles
    • Red bridge in Vehemoth Phosbat arena - 2 groups of 25 tiles
  • Twilight River
    • Cyan bridge - group of 20 (in crystal) and 2 groups of 30 tiles
    • Red bridge - groups of 15 (under clipboard), 18, and 24 tiles
  • Formidable Oak
    • Red bridge - groups of 20 (buried) and 30 tiles
    • Blue bridge - 2 groups of 25 tiles

Collect Treasure![edit]

Battle Enemies![edit]

Side Stories[edit]

Bingo Battle[edit]

  • Stagnant Sea
    • Layout A
      • Red bridge 1 - 2 groups of 10 tiles
      • Red bridge 2 - 2 groups of 10 tiles
    • Layout B
      • Red bridge 1 - 2 groups of 10 tiles
      • Red bridge 2 - 2 groups of 10 tiles
    • Layout C
      • Red bridge 1 - fully assembled
      • Red bridge 2 - fully assembled
  • Parched Brook
    • Layout A
      • Red bridge 1 - 3 groups of 10 tiles
      • Red bridge 2 - 3 groups of 10 tiles
    • Layout B
      • Red bridge 1 - 20 tiles
      • Red bridge 2 - 20 tiles


Distant Tundra
  • A pile of hay (30 pieces) is located near the two Bearded Amprats and Citrus Lump on a ledge that can only normally be accessed by Bouncy Mushroom. This pile of hay allows a shortcut back down to the landing site to be created.
Forgotten Cove
  • In both the Collect Treasures and Battle Enemies variant, two piles of hay (20 pieces each) are spread about in short proximity to one side, near the Medusal Slurkers. Each are used in place of the sloped bridges in Pikmin's The Forest Navel.
Tropical Wilds Remix
  • A pile of hay (30 pieces) is located in the first Baldy Long Legs arena. It is used to access the second.
Formidable Oak Remix
  • A pre-made slope is found opposite Brittany's starting position, on the other side of the Orange Bulborbs.
  • The slope of hay that may be built in the Story Mode is pre-made on this map, and is the only means onto the ledge.
Team Monster Hunt
  • 30 pieces of hay may be found on Olimar's half of the map, and if constructed, will provide a shortcut to an earlier area.
Big Fruit Carnival
  • Two hay ramps may be constructed from piles of 30 pieces. One is necessary to allow escape from the starting area, while the other is necessary to allow return to it.