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A group of Red Pikmin carrying some nuggets.

Nuggets (キンカイ?) are gold resources found in Pikmin 3 that come in piles, and are exclusive to Mission Mode and Side Stories. Each one is worth Poko icon.png × 3, so multiplying the number by 3 yields how many Pokos come from each pile. As long as Pikmin are left alone while collecting Nuggets, they will continue to return to the pile, even after all nuggets have been collected. A number displays on top signifying how many remain.

If Pikmin are called back while in the process of carrying a nugget, the Pikmin will go back to following the leader and the nugget will disappear and go back to the pile.



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Mission Mode tip[edit]

Nuggets are beautiful gems that sparkle softly! One of these gives you Poko icon.png × 3!


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  • In the E3 2012 demo of Pikmin 3, nuggets were worth Poko icon.png × 5.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese キンカイ?
Gold nugget
Flag of People's Republic of China.svg Chinese
金塊 Gold nugget
Flag of People's Republic of China.svg Chinese
金块 Gold nugget
Flag of France.svg French Pépite Nugget
Flag of Germany.svg German Goldklumpen Goldclunk
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Pepite Nugget
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 금괴
Gold nugget
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Pepita Nugget

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