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A clog in the Awakening Wood.

Since this subject has no official name, the name "clog" is conjectural.

A clog is an obstacle in Pikmin 2 and Hey! Pikmin that looks like a cracked rock and is used to block the entrance of caves and geysers, and to plug holes underwater so that areas remain flooded. They can be destroyed with Pikmin; often, only Blue Pikmin are able to approach them due to them being submerged. By destroying an underwater clog, a hole is opened up that drains the water from the surrounding area. However, clogs also appear on certain caves, and block the hole that leads to the next sublevel.

In Hey! Pikmin, a solid dirt block acts as a clog in Below the Ice.


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  • In Pikmin 2's game files, the holes on the final sublevels of the Subterranean Complex, the Hole of Beasts and the Bulblax Kingdom are told to contain a clog. This setting is ignored however, as final sublevels don't have holes.
  • By entering a cave just before a clog's destruction cutscene takes place, it is possible to bypass the cutscene and still have the clog count as being destroyed.[1]

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  1. ^ YouTube video showing the effects of entering a cave just before the clog cutscene begins