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Since this subject has no official name, the name "Slide" is conjectural.

Slides are a terrain element in Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4. When a leader or Pikmin steps onto a slide, they are speedily led down to a lower area automatically. It is impossible to carry large objects down slides, which means that alternative routes must be discovered in order to retrieve objects found near slides.

Pikmin 3[edit]

To travel down a slide in Pikmin 3, the leader or Pikmin must step onto it. If a leader steps onto a slide with a squad of Pikmin, all Pikmin will follow them down the slide. In this game, while large objects cannot be carried down slides, small ones, like fragments and nuggets, can, making them a convenient one-way shortcut for these objects.

Story Mode
  • Distant Tundra:
    • The iron ball that Brittany must push to escape the cave with Yellow Pikmin travels down a slide.
    • A long, curved slide is in the northwest part of the area, near 30 fragments needed to build the double bridge. A data file can be collected while travelling down it.
    • A short slide is south of the Dapper Blob on top of a stump.
    • A very short slide leads from the space in front of the outside orange bridge to a Bouncy Mushroom, which leads to the top of a broken pot which has the fragments needed to build that bridge. The start of the slide is blocked by a large crystal.
Mission Mode
Bingo Battle
  • Rusted Labyrinth: 2 slides through rubber tubes are used to get from the top half to the bottom half through the side paths.

Pikmin 4[edit]

In Pikmin 4, all slides are metal rails, and they are encountered mainly in human-constructed areas. To travel down a slide rail, a leader must press A to jump on. All Pikmin in their party will accompany them. Oatchi is unable to use slide rails. Pikmin are not able to carry small objects like raw material down slides.

  • Hero's Hideaway (main story):
  • Below-Grade Discotheque: A slide rail is part of the elaborate puzzle in sublevel 3. Pikmin will automatically jump on this slide rail if correctly navigated along the moving walkways, allowing them to push the cardboard box required to progress.
  • Trial of the Sage Leaf – 6th Story: Gimmick Gambit: A slide rail appears at the conclusion of the final puzzle. Pikmin will automatically jump on this slide rail after landing on a switch, where they will depress the next switch required to reach the Sage Leaf.
  • Hero's Hideaway (Olimar's Shipwreck Tale and prologue): A short slide rail goes from the second level of the bookshelf down to ground level. Several Pikmin are sliding on it (and using the nearby fan to go back up) when the area is first landed in.


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