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Blast from the Past Series

Blast from the Past Series
The Ship's announcement for the Blast from the Past Series.
The Hocotate Ship's announcement.
Theme Videogame parts and R.O.B. blocks
Treasure Hoard numbers 147 - 156 (US)

145 - 154 (Europe and Japan)

Treasures 10
Locations Hole of Beasts, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den

The Blast from the Past series is the eighteenth series listed in the Treasure Hoard. It consists of 10 video-game-related parts such as a Game & Watch and R.O.B. Gyro Blocks. All parts related to R.O.B. are found in the Hole of Heroes, while most of the other treasures are found in the Hole of Beasts.


Ship's announcement

You got the Blast from the Past Series! My nostalgic pitch will transform these oldies into hits!


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning Notes
  French (NoA) Série des vieux succès Old successes series
  French (NoE) Série des Vieux Succès Old Successes Series
  German Nostalgie-Serie Nostalgia Series
  Italian Serie eco del passato Echo from the past Series
  Spanish Serie Lo mejor del pasado The best from the past Series Written "Serie Lo me-jor del pasado" in-game.

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