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Priceless Statue

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Priceless Statue Treasure Hoard icon.
Thumb pricelessstatue.jpg
Number 141 (US)
139 (Europe and Japan)
Series Dream Series
Value Poko icon.png × 80
Weight 10
Maximum carriers 15 Pikmin
Location Frontier Cavern
Challenge Mode levels Concrete Maze
This article is about the black queen chess piece. For the silver queen piece, see Classical Sculpture. For the white king piece, see Worthless Statue. For the gold king piece, see Authoritative Obelisk.

The Priceless Statue (えらそうでえらい石像?, lit.: "Authoritative-Looking And Actually Authoritative Stone Statue") is a black chess queen, found in Pikmin 2. It is located in the sixth sublevel of the Frontier Cavern and may be on the ledge near the hole to sublevel 7, or in the water. Use Red Pikmin to destroy fire geysers on its path to the Research pod and Blue Pikmin to carry it back, or use the Bulbmin that can be found on the sublevel for both tasks. Defeat the Cannon Beetles and Water Dumples that may be in the way.


Olimar's journal

This statue features an astounding degree of detail. It looks a lot like a present I gave my mom for Mother's Day. I miss her...sometimes.

Sales pitch

This stone carving was lined up with others as if they were meant to protect something. Proof of a megalithic civilization! (I am unsure about that, but bluffing is paramount.)



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese えらそうでえらい石像?
Era-sōde Erai Sekizō
Authoritative-Looking And Actually Authoritative Stone Statue
Flag of France French Statue de Luxe Luxurious Statue
Flag of Germany German Unbezahlbare Statue Priceless Statue Written "Unbezahl-bare Statue" in-game.
Flag of Italy Italian Statua preziosa Precious statue
Flag of Spain Spanish Estatua impagable Unpayable statue

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