Xenoflora Series

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Xenoflora Series
Theme Seeds and leaves
Treasure Hoard numbers 17 - 22
Treasures 6
Locations Awakening Wood, Wistful Wild, Snagret Hole, Shower Room, Hole of Heroes
The Hocotate ship's announcement.

The Xenoflora Series (植物マニアクスシリーズ?, lit.: "Plant Maniax Series") is the third series of treasures in Pikmin 2. It consists of six treasures based around plantlife. The treasures in this series are numbered from 17 to 22. They are found in a number of different areas above and below ground. The name "Xenoflora" means "alien plant." The treasures consist of a variety of seeds and leaves from different species of plants.


Ship's announcement

You've collected the Xenoflora Series! Botanists will fog their spectacles over these wonders.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Quebec.svg French (NoA) Série xénoflore Xenoflora series
Flag of France.svg French (NoE) Série Xénoflore Xenoflora Series
Flag of Germany.svg German Xenoflora-Serie Xenoflora Series
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Serie floreale Xenoflora Series
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Serie Flora alienígena Alien flora Series
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Serie Flora alienígena Alien flora Series

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