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Justice Alloy

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Justice Alloy Treasure Hoard icon.
The Justice Alloy as shown from the Treasure Hoard.
Number 193
Series Explorer's Friend Series
Value Poko icon.png × 100
Weight 20 (normally)
Maximum carriers 30 Pikmin
Location Snagret Hole
Challenge Mode levels None
This article is about the blue robot toy that provides enhanced defense. For the red toy that provides fire invulnerability, see Forged Courage.

The Justice Alloy (正義合金ジャスティスZ?, lit.: "Justice Alloy Justice-Z") is the top half of a blue and silver robot toy. It is found on the last sublevel (7) of the Snagret Hole, where it is held by a Pileated Snagret. Once this treasure is retrieved, he unlocks the Metal Suit Z, a member of the Exploration Kit. This piece of treasure is relatively similar in appearance to Forged Courage. Like some other treasures, if the player defeats the Pileated Snagret, but does not have enough Pikmin to carry the Justice Alloy, which requires the strength of 20 Pikmin, it will change weight to match the player's army.


Ship's dialogs

You've done it! That bird-beast will trouble you no more!

Processing... How curious. What's that impressive, mechanized masterpiece?

Brrrzzt! Does not compute! A metal this dense defies the fundamental laws of physics!

And yet...if I use this to rework our president's treasured space suit...

Processing...complete. Fabrication of the Metal Suit Z is now concluded.

This suit is extremely durable. Getting gnawed or stepped on will now produce minimal pain.

Olimar's journal

I found this metal treasure in the gut of an avian snake. It took real courage to drop into that dark den, but danger's what I do best. In honor of my brave clash with that feathered serpent, I've named that den the Snagret Hole.

Sales pitch

You cannot see it and you cannot touch it, but it is definitely here and there. What, you ask? Whatever this suit is fortified by , that is what. I cannot believe there is a better material than what I am constructed of...



  • The Justice Alloy's icon in Pikmin 2's Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control! versions could possibly be an earlier version of the treasure one with a visor instead of yellow eyes, differently shaped and colored horns, a lack of the yellow protrusions from its arms, a lack of a cap bill, an overall shorter cap, and a less boxy body.
  • This treasure seems to have a similar appearance to some of the mechs in the Gundam series.
  • It also has a resemblance to the main mechs from the Mazinger Z series. Its name, and that of the Metal Suit Z, may be a reference to the material that is used to construct these robots, Super-Alloy Z.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 正義合金ジャスティスZ?
Seigi Gōkinn Jasutisu Z
Justice Alloy Justice-Z
Flag of France French Alliage de la Justice Alloy of Justice
Flag of Germany German Legierung des Rechts Alloy of the Law
Flag of Italy Italian Lega di giustizia Alloy of Justice
Flag of Spain Spanish Aleación justiciera Justice alloy

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