Indomitable CPU

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Indomitable CPU Treasure Hoard icon.
-89Indomitable CPU.png
Number 90 (US)

89 (Europe)

Series Hyper-technology Series
Value Poko icon.png × 100
Weight 10
Maximum carriers 18 Pikmin
Location Subterranean Complex
Challenge Mode levels Trampled Garden, Cave of Snarls

The Indomitable CPU is a treasure in Pikmin 2; it is actually a triode (vacuum tube), with the text: preceding person system.

The treasure is dropped by the Gatling Groink on sublevel 7 of the Subterranean Complex in the Valley of Repose upon its defeat. There are two of these enemies on that level, so determine which is the carrier of the treasure using the Treasure Gauge before attacking that one from behind, preferably with Purple Pikmin. It is recommended to clear the area of Bomb-rocks before venturing out with Pikmin, as they can be easily set off in the fight.


Olimar's journal

This appears to be some kind of hyper-advanced, light-refracting computer component. Perhaps I can use it to upgrade the ship with an imagination.

Sales pitch

This will solve any problem, given enough time! This CPU's true processing grit sells itself.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Processeur Indomptable Indomitable Processor
German Unzähmbare CPU
Italian Chip indomito
Spanish CPU indomable Indomitable CPU
Spanish (NoA) CPU indomable Indomitable CPU