Container of Sea Bounty

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Pikmin 2 icon.png
Container of Sea Bounty Treasure Hoard icon.
Container of Sea Bounty.png
Number 160 (Europe only)
Series Massive Receptacle Series
Value Poko icon.png × 130
Weight 20
Maximum carriers 30 Pikmin
Location White Flower Garden
Challenge Mode levels None

The Container of Sea Bounty is a treasure in Pikmin 2, found only in the European version of the game. It is actually a container of herring in tomato sauce by the company Hawesta. Its location is sublevel 4 of the White Flower Garden, where there are no enemies, only hazards. These are in the form of poison pipes, and are spread all around. Due to its size, this treasure is relatively easy to locate.


Olimar's journal

Mystical symbols are engraved on many of the objects on this planet. Unfortunately I am not able to read them thus far. But on this container here, I can see the picture of a fish. I'm pretty sure this means... Oh no, I'm hungry again!

Sales pitch

Unrevealed tastes from undiscovered worlds. These unknown tastes of ocean's plenty are now in this container! You, a connaisseur of true taste, must try this!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of France.svg French Conteneur Océanique Oceanic Container
Flag of Germany.svg German Container der Meeresbeute
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Recipiente di mare
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Dadivosidad marina Marine generosity