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Confection Hoop

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Confection Hoop Treasure Hoard icon.
A Confection Hoop
Number 41
Series Sweet Tooth Series
Value Icon for Pokos. Used on Template:Pokos. × 60
Weight 20
Maximum carriers 30 Pikmin
Location Submerged Castle
Challenge Mode levels Trampled Garden

The Confection Hoop (おかしの大車輪?, lit.: "Large Sweet Wheel") is a treasure found in Pikmin 2. The Confection Hoop is a section of an unfrosted baumkuchen cake. It is found at the end of a long, narrow, passage on the second sublevel of the Submerged Castle. It can only be reached by traveling through a small pipe that leads to the unreachable, high area. One or more Dwarf Orange Bulborbs may be found near it. When transporting it back to the pod, Fiery Dweevils, Careening Dirigibugs, and other enemies may attack the Pikmin transporting it.


Olimar's journal

The hole we searched today was filled with a saccharine scent. Just sniffing it put me at risk of developing a cavity. Ugh... I don't think I can eat anything sweet for a while. Wait... Who am I kidding?

Sales pitch

This sugary delight has even a machine like me wishing to partake in its deliciousness! What a sweet-looking circlet!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese おかしの大車輪?
Okashi no Daisharin
Large Sweet Wheel
Flag of France French Pâtisserie Ronde Round Pastry
Flag of Québec French (NoA) Cerceau en pâtisserie Pastry hoop
Flag of Germany German Hula-Konfekt Hula Confection
Flag of Italy Italian Confetto rotondo
Flag of Spain Spanish Aro repostero Confection hoop
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Aro repostero Confection hoop