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Survival Series

Survival Series
The Ship's announcement for the Survival Series.
The Hocotate Ship's announcement.
Theme Medicinal balms
Treasure Hoard numbers 167 - 168
Treasures 2
Locations Awakening Wood, White Flower Garden

The Survival Series is the twenty-first series in the Treasure Hoard in Pikmin 2. It is comprised of only two treasures, both medicine-related, making it the smallest series in the game. The series and its treasures are in the US version of Pikmin 2 only.


Ship's announcement

You got the Survival Series! These'll sell like Hocotate cakes to scientists and entrepreneurs!


Name in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning Notes
  French (NoA) Série de la survie Series of Survival
  Spanish (NoA) Serie Supervivencia Survival Series Written "Serie Super-vivencia" in-game.


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