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The logo for Pikmin Garden, from  the Japanese website.
The Pikmin Garden logo.

Pikmin Garden (ピクミンのいる庭?, lit.: "Pikmin’s Garden") is the official Pikmin section of Nintendo’s Japanese website. It contains various articles with information on the Pikmin series. The website is divided into four main subpages: スケジュール帳 (Schedule Book), 乗組員名簿 (Crew List), 原生生物図鑑 (Piklopedia) and 調査レポート (Survey Report). Recent news on the series is displayed at the bottom of the page, alongside various links to games, movies, merchandise and other information on the Pikmin series.

A Korean version of Pikmin Garden was also released, looking identical to the original version. However, it is outdated, lacking any updates post the release of the website. Smaller versions of Pikmin Garden were also released on various other Nintendo websites. These only feature the Piklopedia and the Daily Comic sections of the website, as well as an exclusive page explaining what Pikmin are.


スケジュール帳 (Schedule Book)[edit]

Screenshot of https://www.nintendo.com/jp/character/pikmin/schedule/index.html. Taken (obviously) 6th of July, 2023.
The Schedule Book subpage.

The Schedule Book subpage of Pikmin Garden features a different page every day containing daily information on the Pikmin series, weekly quizzes, as well as monthly wallpapers. It also features a daily comic strip of four panels, known as a 4-koma.

Monthly calendars can also be found here, detailing the same information on a monthly format.

乗組員名簿 (Crew List)[edit]

The Crew List features profiles for characters from across the Pikmin series. The profiles provide a job, planet of origin, short description, related people, hobbies and dreams to each character.

The characters featured in the Crew List are: Captain Olimar, Louie, the President, Alph, Brittany, Charlie, Erma Shepherd, Collin, Russ, Dingo, Yonny, Bernard and Oatchi.

原生生物図鑑 (Piklopedia)[edit]

Artwork of a variety of enemies in Pikmin 4, from the Japanese "Pikmin Garden" website's Piklopedia section homepage.
The cover image for the Piklopedia.

The Piklopedia (原生生物図鑑?, lit.: "Primitive Creature Field Guide"), much like the Piklopedia found in the games, is an encyclopedia of creatures from the Pikmin series. Each species has its own subpage containing various details such as its physical characteristics, behavior, relationships to other creatures, among various other aspects.

The creatures featured in the Piklopedia are:


ピクミンのなかまたち (Pikmin's friends).

Land creatures[edit]

陸上で暮らす生物たち (Organisms living on land).

Waterside creatures[edit]

水辺やその周辺で暮らす生物たち (Organisms living in and around water).

Flying creatures[edit]

飛んだり浮遊する生物たち (Flying or Floating organisms).

調査レポート (Survey Report)[edit]

The Survey Report subpage features various reports on aspects of the world of Pikmin, referencing elements from all mainline games in the series. written from the perspective of Chet, the leader of the Research Task Force found in Pikmin 4.

#01 謎の惑星 (Mysterious Planet, PNF-404)[edit]

Report #01 details the initial discovery of PNF-404, as well as the later arrivals of the Rescue Corps and the crew of the S.S. Drake. It also describes a few characteristics of the planet, such as its surface and its climate. The report ends by noting that various structures thought to be relics of ancient civilizations have been found.

#02 奇妙な生き物ピクミン (Strange Creatures, Pikmin)[edit]

Report #02 goes in depth describing the Pikmin creatures found on the planet. It details their appearances, behaviors, relationship with other species such as the Candypop Buds, as well as their various different types, among other facts.

#03 謎の物体オニヨン (Mysterious Objects, Onions)[edit]

Report #03 talks about the various types of Onions, their relationship with the Pikmin, as well as their various designs across the series.

#04 オタクラの神秘に迫る (Approaching the Mystery of the Treasures)[edit]

Report #04 describes the various uses for Treasure collected on the planet, such as their valuable status, as sources of Piktamin U, and as a source of Sparklium energy. It also speculates on the objects' purposes during ancient times.

#05 宇宙犬と人類 (Space Dogs and Humanity)[edit]

Report #05 describes the history of space dogs such as Oatchi, their characteristics and skills. It also notes the differences between the newly discovered space dog Moss and Oatchi. The report ends by speculating on the origin of space dogs, including an allusion to the Ancient Sirehound.

#06 はたらく宇宙船 (Working Spaceships)[edit]

Report #06 describes the various spaceships used by the characters. It talks about the S.S. Shepherd, the Hocotate ship, the S.S. Dolphin and the S.S. Drake. It also describes the smaller crafts SPERO and S.S. Beagle.

#07 惑星の 地下空間 (The Planet's Underground Space)[edit]

Report #07 explores how Caves work. It notes their properties such as the time dilation and internal structure changes, as well as how creatures have adapted to its environments. Finally, the report showcases a variety of different cave styles.

#08 宇宙服について (About the Space Suit)[edit]

Report #08 breaks down each part of the space suit the crew uses to explore PNF-404. From the light atop the helmet and the different whistle types, to the opinions of the fashion from stylist Puddle, this report covers it all.

#09 人類の 繁起源(The Origin of Humanity)[edit]

Report #09 goes over the differences and similarities between the main group of explorers we know in the Pikmin games. It goes into detail of the characteristics each race has and how their planet has affected their mannerisms. After a brief section on the similarities, it ends with a paragraph about the peculiar nostalgic feeling of PNF-404 and how the secret of the origin of human is perhaps hidden.



New content has periodically been added to the Pikmin Garden website.

Date Additions
July 21st, 2023 Piklopedia: Ice Pikmin, Empress Bulblax, Waterwraith

Survey Report: Mysterious Objects, Onions

August 10th, 2023 Piklopedia: Glow Pikmin, Lumiknoll
September 27th, 2023 Survey Report: Approaching the Mystery of the Treasures
October 3rd, 2023 Piklopedia: Albino Dwarf Bulborb, Dwarf Bulborb, Breadbug, Giant Breadbug, Groovy Long Legs
October 27th, 2023 Survey Report: Space Dogs and Humanity
November 17th, 2023 Piklopedia: Emperor Bulblax, Puffstool, Mamuta, Smoky Progg, Pearly Clamclamp
December 14th, 2023 Survey Report: Working Spaceships
December 26th, 2023 Piklopedia: Man-at-Legs, Armored Cannon Larva, Horned Cannon Beetle, Fiery Blowhog, Yellow Wollyhop
January 26th, 2024 Survey Report: The Planet's Underground Space
February 24th, 2024 Piklopedia: Foolix, Mitite, Burrowing Snagret, Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat, Greater Spotted Jellyfloat
March 22nd, 2024 Survey Report: About the Space Suit
April 19th, 2024 Piklopedia: Downy Snagret, Creeping Chrysanthemum, White Spectralids, Yellow Spectralids, Red Spectralids
May 16th, 2024 Survey Report: The Origin of Humanity

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