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Snowfake Fluttertail

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Snowfake Fluttertail In-game icon.
Icon for the Snowfake Fluttertail, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Appears in Pikmin 4
Scientific name Papilifictus nivedae
Family Snowswallow
Areas None
Caves Frozen Inferno
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages None
Attacks Freeze and eat Pikmin

The Snowfake Fluttertail (シラユキアゲハ?, lit.: "Snow-White Swallowtail Butterfly") is a boss that appears once in Pikmin 4. It is a yellow moth-like enemy with a spiraled proboscis, blue antenna, and similarly blue wings. Its yellow coloration is typically hidden under a protective cocoon of ice that will freeze Pikmin upon touch.


Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health
15 30 20[note 1] Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 20 6000
  1. ^ This enemy cannot be delivered to Onions in-game. This information is obtained from the Piklopedia.


The Fluttertail initially stays out of sight, only descending from the ceiling when a leader and their Pikmin enter its arena. It has two methods of attack; fluttering its wings to send clouds of icy wind flying, and using its long proboscis to scoop up Pikmin in front of it and subsequently eat them. The icy wind attack can extinguish bonfires and fire starters, which will make the arena chilly and cause non-Ice Pikmin to freeze if they are not re-lit. When not attacking, the creature merely flies around its arena.

When a fire starter is thrown at the creature's body, the layer of frost will melt, causing it to clumsily fly about. At this point, it is vulnerable to Pikmin attacks and can be weighed down. Eventually, it will regenerate its frost layer; when it has low health, it will regenerate a thicker layer of frost that requires two fire starters to melt. Items like Trackonators are able to be used to destroy its cocoon. Additionally, the Snowfake Fluttertail may ingest explosives or fire starters instead of Pikmin, dealing damage to itself upon consumption.



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The Snowfake Fluttertail is immune to damage while protected by its ice cocoon. Pikmin that touch the ice cocoon will instantly freeze, leaving them open to being eaten. Its proboscis attack and ice gust attack target in front of the creature, so trying to remain behind it will leave Pikmin less vulnerable. Riding on Oatchi provides more safety as your Pikmin squad will be less spread out.

There are several options to breaking the cocoon, the easiest is throwing a Red Pikmin holding a fire starter, as this will instantly shatter the cocoon. Take care when using fire starters, as the creature's gust attack can extinguish them. A Lightning Shock will shatter the cocoon, stun the Snowfake Fluttertail, and drop it to the ground. This creates an opportunity for a Pikmin charge or a rush by Oatchi and with enough Pikmin it will quickly defeat the Fluttertail. Bomb rocks can also instantly shatter the cocoon, but the creatures movements and the bomb's delayed explosion make this method harder to execute. Ice Pikmin can latch onto the cocoon and, with enough damage dealt, will shatter it. However, this method is much slower and leaves more time for the Fluttertail to attack. To remedy this, you can use Ultra-spicy spray to make Ice Pikmin far stronger, breaking the cocoon likely faster than it would be to return for another fire starter. Glow Pikmin's Glowmob is also an even more effective way of doing this, as they are immune to ice as well.

When the cocoon is shattered, the Snowfake Fluttertail will attempt to flee. Keep throwing Pikmin unto its now vulnerable body and be ready to whistle them back when the Fluttertail starts to regenerate its cocoon.


Dalmo's Notes[edit]

Please don't call it a flying snowman! The sight of it flying around with its magnificent wings, scattering ice like diamonds, evokes thoughts of a snow sprite. Witness this beauty of nature, and let it soothe away all of your woes and anxiety.

Olimar's Notes[edit]

The cooling cycle in its body uses ammonia as a refrigerant to chill the moisture it absorbs from the air until it reaches a supercooled state. By then spraying it out of the several vents on its belly, the Snowfake Fluttertail creates a delicate coccoon out of ice to both protect itself and freeze its prey.
Its rolled-up, spirally proboscis evolved from an upper jaw and can catch and tie up prey with the fine hairs on its surface.
Though it mimics a type of swallowtail butterfly, this creature is actually more closely related to moths. One might extrapolate that its ancient ancestor was unable to adapt to the cooling climate and therefore went extinct.

Louie's Notes[edit]

Dice finely or puree to make a meaty sorbet. Add a tiny drizzle of fruit sauce for some punch! Pluck the wings and antennae beforehand to use as a garnish if you want to get fancy.

Other information[edit]

  • Pikmin 4 Piklopedia number: #57


See more: Snowswallow family#Naming.
  • Common name: Snowfake Fluttertail. "Snowfake" is a pun on "snowflake" and "fake", referring to how it mimics a swallowtail butterfly and is actually a moth.
  • Japanese nickname: シラユキアゲハ?. It directly translates into "Snow-White Swallowtail Butterfly".
  • Japanese name: シラユキアゲハモドキ?, lit.: "Pseudo Snow-White Swallowtail Butterfly". It is the same as its Japanese common name, with the added clarification that it is actually a mimic of a swallowtail butterfly.
  • Scientific name: "Papilifictus nivedae". Papilifictus is a portmanteau of "papillon", referring to butterflies, and "fictus", which is Latin for "fake". "Nive-" sounds similar to "nivi-", which means "snow" in Latin.
  • Internal names: YUKIMUSHI. It is the romanization of "雪虫", which directly translates into "Snow Bug".
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese シラユキアゲハ?
Shira Yuki Ageha
White Snow Swallowtail Butterfly
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Báixuě Fèngdié
White Snow Swallowtail Butterfly
Flag of China Chinese
Báixuě Fèngdié
White Snow Swallowtail Butterfly
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Sneeuwvlokvleugel Snowflake wing
Flag of France French Pseudopillon des neiges Snow pseudofly "Pseudopillon" is a portmanteau of "pseudo" (pseudo) and "papillon" (butterfly)
Flag of Germany German Schneeweißling Snow Whiteling
Flag of Italy Italian Pseudoneve svolazzante Fluttering pseudo-snow
Flag of South Korea Korean 흰눈호랑나비
White Snow Swallowtail Butterfly
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Neveposa Snowmoth The name is a portmanteau of "neve" (snow) and "mariposa" (moth)
Flag of Spain Spanish Polilla copo de nieve Snowflake moth


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