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Icy Blowhog

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This article is about the airborne Blowhog that attacks with freezing air. For the grounded Blowhog with ice attacks, see Snowy Blowhog. For its larger variant, see Blizzarding Blowhog.
Icy Blowhog In-game icon.
Icon for the Icy Blowhog, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Appears in Pikmin 4
Scientific name Sus aerfrigadae
Family Blowhog
Areas Hero's Hideaway
Caves Frozen Inferno
Dandori Challenge stages Trial of the Sage Leaf
Dandori Battle stages None
Attacks Freeze Pikmin

The Icy Blowhog (コオリフーセン?, lit.: "Ice Balloon") is an enemy in Pikmin 4. They are an ice variant of the Puffy Blowhog and blow icy air instead of strong wind, which freezes all non-Ice Pikmin, and the player and Oatchi if the Thermal Defense is not equipped.


Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health
1 2 5 Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 7 3000


Icy Blowhogs act similarly to Puffy Blowhogs, they blow air out of their mouth at any nearby Pikmin. However, instead of blowing them away, the Icy Blowhog freezes them, and puts an icy spot on the ground. They can be brought down to the ground by a few Pikmin or one Purple Pikmin. They are immune to freezing, but they are able to be damaged by fire starters.


The Icy Blowhog is very similar in appearance to the Puffy Blowhog, resembling a half inflated balloon with two flippers and spikes on the back. The only difference being the change in color. Rather than having pink and cyan stripes, the Icy Blowhog has a blue gradiant that is lighter on the front and darker in the back, resembling the color of ice.



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The main difference between the Icy Blowhog and its elementless counterpart is the extra security that it has. For example, due to its cold properties, it cannot be frozen in midair to allow for a quick kill with a few Ice Pikmin. Other than that, it can be approached very similarly to a Puffy Blowhog - bait it into attacking, toss a few Pikmin to weigh it down, and then charge the rest of your squad at it. Don't hesitate to use non-Ice Pikmin against it, as they can help deplete the enemy's health pool faster with their better attack power and the risk of getting frozen doesn't add any lethality.


Dalmo's Notes[edit]

This frosty flier may exhale frigid breath, but you can touch it without having to worry about freezing! Its face remains quite cool, but it expels warm air from the little holes on its sides. If you're feeling chilled, you could sidle up next to this little one!

Olimar's Notes[edit]

This creature possesses three lungs: an air sac used as its primary respiratory organ, a flotation bladder that gives it its buoyancy, and a cold sac that stores cold air.

Like the Puffy Blowhog, its buoyancy is a result of the hydrogen produced by electrolysis. Its icy breath is condensed carbon dioxide, much like the Snowy Blowhog.

Different species within the Blowhog family have many features in common when you look closely as the structure and characteristics of their internal organs.

Louie's Notes[edit]

Has the consistency of candy-coated chewing gum and leaves a refreshing, mentholated aftertaste.


See more: Blowhog family#Naming.
  • Common name: Icy Blowhog. "Icy" refers to how it freezes non-Ice Pikmin with its attack.
  • Japanese nickname: コオリフーセン?. It translates to "Ice Balloon", referring to being able to freeze non-Ice Pikmin and how it floats and deflates like a balloon.
  • Japanese name: モンナシトゲフウセツドックリ?. It translates into "Pattern-less spiny snowstorm tokkuri". フウセツ? (lit.: "snowstorm") is also similar to フウセン? (lit.: "balloon"), which is used instead in the Puffy Blowhog's Japanese name.
  • Scientific name: Sus aerfrigadae. Aer is latin for "air", referring to how it floats in the air. Friga is latin for "cold", and it resembles the english word "frigid".
  • Internal names: ICEMAR. mar is the internal name for the Puffy Blowhog, so ice is added to distinguish the two.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese コオリフーセン?
Kōri Fūsen
Ice Balloon
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Bīngkuài Qìqiú
Ice Cube Balloon
Flag of China Chinese
Bīngkuài Qìqiú
Ice Cube Balloon
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Frisademig zwelzwijn Fresh-breathed swellswine
Flag of France French Puffy glaçant Freezing puffy
Flag of Germany German Ballofrostus From "Ballon" (balloon), "Frost", and "-us"
Flag of Italy Italian Moschita glaciale Glacial fly "Moschita" probably comes from "mosca" (fly) and "-ita"
Flag of South Korea Korean 얼음풍선호롱
Ice Balloon Oil Lamp
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Bexiga glacial Glacial balloon
Flag of Spain Spanish Verraco ventisca Blizzard blowhog


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