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Dwarf Frosty Bulborb

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Dwarf Frosty Bulborb In-game icon.
Icon for the Dwarf Frosty Bulborb, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Appears in Pikmin 4
Scientific name Oculus stomagelus larva (2nd molt)
Family Grub-dog
Areas Hero's Hideaway
Caves Frozen Inferno
Dandori Challenge stages Hefty Haulway, Strategic Freezeway, Trial of the Sage Leaf
Dandori Battle stages None
Attacks Freeze and eat Pikmin

The Dwarf Frosty Bulborb (コンコチャッピー?, lit.: "Snow-falling Small Chappy") is a small diurnal enemy found in Pikmin 4. Dwarf Frosty Bulborbs resemble Dwarf Bulborbs in appearance, but are blue in coloration and have ice crystals covering their back. They can be easily defeated by swarming them, or by throwing a single Ice Pikmin directly on top of them. If other Pikmin are used, they will be frozen solid unless the Dwarf Bulborb's ice crystals have been melted.

Unlike Dwarf Bulborbs, Dwarf Frosty Bulborbs are genuine juvenile grub-dogs, similar to Dwarf Bulbears, as opposed to Breadbug mimics.


Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health
3 6 3 Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 3 100


Dwarf Frosty Bulborbs walk around idly, and when a leader or Pikmin draws near they will begin to chase after them until they are out of their territory range, in which case they will go back to their territory and resume walking around. A Dwarf Frosty Bulborb will attempt to eat Pikmin close enough to it, and will only grab one Pikmin with a single bite. If any Pikmin other than Ice Pikmin touch the Dwarf Frosty Bulborb while it still has ice on its back, the Pikmin will be frozen and will need to be whistled to return back to normal. If the player uses a Red Pikmin to throw a fire starter onto the enemy, the ice will melt and it will act like a normal Dwarf Bulborb. It can also shake Pikmin off if it is being attacked. Upon death, it will release living Pikmin in its mouth that are yet to be eaten.


In appearance, the Dwarf Frosty Bulborb looks similar to the Dwarf Bulborb but being blue in coloration instead of red. Normally, the Dwarf Frosty Bulborb has ice crystals covering its back. Therefore, their back and spots cannot be seen unless the ice is melted. Like the Snow Bulborb, the back and the face are two similar colors, with the nose being its own color, pink. The snout of the creature is shorter than the adult version, an oddity considering that Albino Dwarf Bulborbs, another young grub-dog, have longer snouts than other dwarves.


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Tossing a single Pikmin onto its back will defeat it. If the Bulborb's ice crystals haven't been melted, the thrown Pikmin will need to be an Ice Pikmin, as other types will freeze, leaving them easy prey for the Bulborb. Rock and Purple Pikmin can also safely kill it through its ice crystals with a direct stomp, although they will need to be thawed afterward. If none of these types are available, having a Red Pikmin toss a fire starter onto it will melt the crystals, allowing for any type to safely stomp it's back. Tossing another fire starter onto it after thawing the crystals will also instantly kill it.


Simply punch or bite the Bulborb to death as one would with any other Dwarf Bulborb species while evading its bites and shakes. You will need the Thermal Defense upgrade to safely do so, however. If Oatchi has been upgraded with Pup Thermal Defense, he can eliminate Dwarf Frosty Bulborbs with ease, often killing them in one or two chomps if sufficiently trained. His upgraded Rush can even defeat multiple in one charge, if lined up correctly.


Dalmo's Notes[edit]

The ice crystals on its back are finely detailed and delightfully iridescent! As a juvenile of the species, it sometimes overproduces that sparkling layer of crystals. One of its parents will then snappity-crack away at the ice so it doesn't weigh the little one down. My heart melts when I see such loving family dynamics out in the wild!

Olimar's Notes[edit]

Much like more mature specimens, the juvenile Frosty Bulborb is able to create and carry ice on an epidermis that promotes extracellular freezing. However, they take an entire night to regenerate their ice, which is why they're often accompanied by adults.

Juveniles display a smaller number of spots than the adults, causing some belief that this was actually a species of mimicking Breadbug. However, the results of further analysis proved this was not the case.

Louie's Notes[edit]

A sweet and savory meat that pairs well with a simple green salad.

Other information[edit]

  • Pikmin 4 Piklopedia number: #9


See more: Grub-dog family#Naming.
  • Common name: Dwarf Frosty Bulborb. "Frosty" is used to describe the ice crystals on its back.
  • Japanese nickname: コンコチャッピー?. コンコン can be used to describe snow falling heavily, referring to the frost on its back. コチャッピー?, lit.: "Small Chappy" is Japanese for Dwarf Bulborb.
  • Japanese name: シモツキデメマダラ 三齢幼生?, lit.: "Attached Frost Spotted Bug-eye (Third instar larva)". 霜 means "frost", and 付き means "attached", referring to how the frost is attached to it. 三齢幼生 refers to how it is a Bulborb Larva in its third instar.
  • Scientific name: Oculus stomagelus larva. "Oculus stomagelus" is the scientific name of the Frosty Bulborb. Gelus is Latin for frost, and stoma is Greek for mouth.
  • Internal names: ICEKOCHAPPY. KOCHAPPY is the internal name for the Dwarf Bulborb, so "ice" is used to distinguish traits.
  • Prerelease: Unknown

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese コンコチャッピー?
Kon Ko Chappī
Snow-falling Small Chappy "Chappy" is the Japanese name for Bulborb
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Jīxuě Qiàbǐ
Snow Chappy "Qiàbǐ" is the Chinese (traditional) name for Bulborb
Flag of China Chinese
Jīxuě Qiàbǐ
Snow Chappy "Qiàbǐ" is the Chinese (simplified) name for Bulborb
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch IJsdwergbulborb Ice dwarf bulborb
Flag of France French Bulborbe nain glacé Icy dwarf bulborb "Bulborbe" is the French name for Bulborb
Flag of Germany German Eisiger Zwerg-Punktkäfer Icy Dwarf Dot Beetle "Punktkäfer" is the German name for Bulborb
Flag of Italy Italian Coleto nano glaciale Glacial dwarf bulborb "Coleto" may come from "boletus" (Latin for mushroom), as a bulborb's spots resemble those found on certain mushrooms

"Coleto" is the Italian name for both Bulborb and Bulbear

Flag of South Korea Korean 꼬마얼음차피
Dwarf Ice Chappy "Chapi" is the Korean name for Bulborb
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Bulbolho-anão glacial Glacial dwarf bulbeye "Bulbolho" is a portmanteau of "bulbo" (bulb) and "olho" (eye)
"Bulbolho" is the Brazilian Portuguese name for Bulborb
Flag of Spain Spanish Bulbo glacial enano Dwarf glacial bulborb "Bulbo" is the Spanish name for Bulborb


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  • Despite being true grub-dogs, they are notably depicted with a short snout and fewer spots, much like the breadbug mimics and unlike Albino Dwarf Bulborbs. This is not a mistake, as Olimar's notes explicitly mention this oddity and the mistaken, initial belief that Dwarf Frosty Bulborbs were members of the Breadbug family because of it.

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