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Proton AA

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Proton AA Treasure Hoard icon.
Artwork of the Proton AA.
Number 157 (US)

155 (Europe)

Series Mystical Energy Series
Value Poko icon.png × 90
Weight 6
Maximum carriers 12 Pikmin
Location Submerged Castle
Challenge Mode levels None

The Proton AA (プロトンX?, lit.: "Proton X") is a treasure found in Pikmin 2. It is actually a Duracell (National Hi-Top in the Japanese version) AA battery. This item is found in the fourth sublevel of the Submerged Castle, near some poison emitters and bomb rocks held by Volatile Dweevils and Careening Dirigibugs. Olimar takes note on how it looks very much like the Courage Reactor, the first treasure he found in Pikmin 2.

The text on it reads:

Inserire correttamente. Non ricaricare.
Respecter les polarités + et -. Ne pas
recharger. Auf richtige Polarität achten.
Nicht wiederaufladbar. Connect correctly.
Do not recharge. MADE IN EC
MN0000 LR6
MAR 2010

The first paragraph contains instructions that warn the user to respect the polarity, and that the battery is not rechargeable. They are presented in Italian, French, German, and English, in that order.

In the Switch port, the treasure is an unbranded AA battery.


Olimar's journal

This object resembles the first treasure I found on this planet, so it holds certain sentimental value to me. However, I've just noticed that the size it slightly different. Sometime, I should take the time to read my previous treasure log book. It's good to reflect on the past sometimes...

Sales pitch

Some enigmatic energy unknown on Hocotate is trapped inside: who couldn't use more energy?


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese プロトンX?
Puroton X
Proton X
Flag of France French Proton AA Proton AA
Flag of Germany German Proton AA Proton AA
Flag of Italy Italian Protone AA Proton AA
Flag of Spain Spanish Protón AA Proton AA

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