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Scorchcake In-game icon.
Icon for the Scorchcake, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Appears in Pikmin 4
Scientific name Conchcrustus emberio
Family Shellcake
Areas None
Caves Crackling Cauldron, Cradle of the Beast
Dandori Challenge stages Rockaway Cellars
Dandori Battle stages Hot Sandy Duel
Attacks Crush Pikmin, burn Pikmin

The Scorchcake (ヤキオオバン?, lit.: "Burning Ōban-yaki") is a disc-shaped enemy in Pikmin 4. On one side it has a hard brown carapace, while on the other side it is constantly aflame and can burn Pikmin. It flips between these sides and can crush Pikmin while doing so.


Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health
7 14 10 Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 7 1000


The Scorchcake will lie in wait for prey, occasionally sticking its eyestalks out. When Pikmin or a leader draw near, it will rotate its body 90 degrees so it rests on its side. After a short delay, it will turn another 90 degrees, attempting to crush and/or burn prey depending on which side is touched. If the creature lands on its fiery side, it releases a burst of flames around itself, igniting and damaging anything in its way, so care should be taken when getting too close. Regardless of the side it lands on as it dies, its corpse will always end up fire-side up with the fire extinguished.


The Scorchcake is a cylindrical rock-covered mollusc-like creature with its underside being covered in flames. It has blue snail-like eyes that are able to retract and hide within its shell.


One Scorchcake is found on sublevel 2 of the Crackling Cauldron, and another is found on sublevel 1 of the Cradle of the Beast. The Dandori Challenge Rockaway Cellars has two, and they can spawn in the Dandori Battle Hot Sandy Duel.


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Despite its appearance, the Scorchcake's "crust" is soft enough to be damaged, though the fiery underbelly can only be damaged by Red Pikmin. If the player character or Oatchi have equipped the Scorch Guard, this minimizes the risk of harm from the creature's fire. Even with a small squad, the Scorchcake is simple enough to deal with, as long as you ensure no Pikmin are vulnerable in its path. If they are about to be crushed, or are on fire, simply whistle them to your side. If the Scorchcake loses all of its health while on its side, all Pikmin should be immediately called away, or they will be crushed as the creature topples over to become a corpse. Both throwing and charging are effective methods of attack when fighting this creature.


Dalmo's Notes

In a way, it looks kind of like a tasty treat. But in actuality, this burning bivalve relative is a fierce hunter, squashing its prey with a fiery flourish! The beauty of its popping, crackling flames and the dynamic cartwheels it can perform in battle is a spectacle to behold!

Olimar's Notes

Related to bivalves, it uses its internal muscles to dexterously manipilate its upper and lower shells. This ability allows it to squash eggs and small Ambuloradices like Pikmin, thus returning nectar to the ground. It then feeds off the microorganisms and moss that benefit from the nectar.

To further facilitate the growth of its food, the Scorchcake will secrete oils from its body through its shell and onto the ground. It then sets that area on fire, perhaps as a way to improve soil fertility.

Louie's Notes

Remove the internal meat, and place directly on the shell while it's still smoldering to cook. It almost smells better than it tastes.


See more: Shellcake family#Naming.
  • Common name: Scorchcake. The name comes from its cake-like shape and scorching flames.
  • Japanese nickname: ヤキオオバン?. This phrase could be an anagram of "ōban-yaki (大判焼き)", a Kansai-dialect derived name for a type of cylindrical cake cooked on a flippable, indented pan, like a waffle iron. It is also a pun on 焼く? (lit.: "to burn").
  • Japanese name: セキタンオオバンガイ?, lit.: "Coal Ōban-yaki Shellfish".
  • Scientific name: Conchcrustus emberio. "Conch" may refer to the real life marine mollusk of the same name, and "crustus" may stem from "crust" or the Latin root word "crustae" meaning "rind, shell, crust". "Emberio" is derived from "ember".
  • Internal names: Unknown.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese ヤキオオバン?
Burning Ōban-yaki From 焼き? (lit.: "burning") and 大判焼き? (lit.: "ōban-yaki")
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Ránshāo Chēlún
Flaming Wheel
Flag of China Chinese
Ránshāo Chēlún
Flaming Wheel
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Vurige koekeloerdraaier Fiery cakelurkflipper
Flag of France French Mastocrêpe brûlant Burning blockrepe From "mastoc" (bulky, blocky), "crêpe" (crepe)
Flag of Germany German Schmorkuchen Braise Cake
Flag of Italy Italian Mitil brulé
Flag of South Korea Korean 불빵
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Chamusbolo Scorchcake The name is a portmanteau of "chamuscar" (to scorch) and "bolo" (cake)
Flag of Spain Spanish Chamustarta Scorchcake From "chamuscar" (scorch) and "tarta" (cake)


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