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Geographic Projection

Geographic Projection Treasure Hoard icon.
The Geographic Projection.
Number 185
Series Explorer's Friend Series
Value Poko icon.png × 200
Weight 101
Maximum carriers 100 Pikmin
Location Awakening Wood
Challenge Mode levels None
This article is about the bottom globe half that unlocks the Perplexing Pool. For the top half that unlocks the Awakening Wood, see Spherical Atlas.

The Geographic Projection (ジオグラフィックシステム?, lit.: "Geographic System") is a treasure in Pikmin 2. It is the southern hemisphere of a globe; this being a representation of Earth suggests that PNF-404 is Earth. Retrieving the treasure unlocks the Survey Chart, part of the Exploration Kit, which allows the Pikmin leaders to progress to the Perplexing Pool and, when the debt has been repaid, the Wistful Wild. This is because it contains data that holds coordinates that makes locating this new area possible. The Spherical Atlas is also a globe half, this time a northern hemisphere, and it too unlocks an area to land in (the Awakening Wood).

The name is a reference to geographic projection, a way of mapping a sphere's surface onto a flat plane.

Collecting the treasureEdit

Location of the Geographic Projection.

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The item is found in the same place as the Yellow Onion in the first game. This heavy treasure is found in the Awakening Wood, making it the only aboveground treasure that makes up the Explorer's Friend Series, and requires Purple Pikmin to be picked up, due to the fact that its weight is 101 and thus 100 weaker Pikmin cannot lift it. It is slightly buried and located near the longest constructible bridge in the area, behind a poison gate near the Hole of Beasts. A Creeping Chrysanthemum is nearby.

Model and textureEdit

See also: Spherical Atlas#Model and texture.

Just like the Spherical Atlas, this treasure's model was also changed in each region of the game such that the "front" of the model is a specific part of the globe. Unlike the Spherical Atlas however, these locations don't quite match the region of the game's copy. In the North American version, the "front" of the globe is South America, which makes sense. But in the Japanese version, it is also South America. Since there is no area related to Japan in the southern hemisphere, South America is as good a place as any other. In the European version, it shows Oceania, perhaps to highlight the fact that Australian players use the European version.

The treasure as seen in the Treasure Hoard, in the Japanese/North American versions, and European version of the game, respectively. The camera was not moved since opening the Treasure Hoard entries.

Notably, the texture for the Geographic Projection is mirrored vertically, rather than rotated 180 degrees. This means that the landmasses appear backwards, and it's not possible to align the two treasures into a complete globe, as the texture for the Spherical Atlas is not mirrored.

Like the Spherical Atlas, the highlight texture is called hilight_I4_bombsarai, and is the same as the Careening Dirigibug's highlight texture. Also like the Spherical Atlas, this part of the globe is missing its pole, in this case, the South Pole. The Treasure Hoard icon for the Geographic Projection is also too low-resolution, making it hard to tell which region is being shown in it.


Ship's dialogs

Fascinating! This object is highly similar to the one you found in the Valley of Repose.

By examining this further, I may be able to extrapolate new planetary data!

This hemisphere also contains a hidden microchip! I will attempt to decrypt the stored data...

Decoding complete! As I surmised, this chip contains additional topographic data.

The data has been inputted into my database. I shall name it the Survey Chart!

Olimar's journal

The interior of this hemisphere contains a chip coded with charts detailing a new region. I explored this forest the last time I was here, but it's clear that it has undergone some dramatic changes. The plants and animals have also evolved significantly. I've given this forest a new name... The Awakening Wood. I must begin to form a hypothesis to explain why the forest changed so rapidly.

Sales pitch

If you have both pieces, does the value increase? Do you want it? Need it? Crave it? You should. This is the ultimate storehouse of geographic data in the known universe.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese ジオグラフィックシステム?
Jiogurafikku Shisutemu
Geographic System
  French Projection de Cartes Maps Projection
  German Topografie-Projektion Topography Projection
  Italian Proiezione geografica Geographic Projection
  Spanish Proyección geográfica Geographic projection

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