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Electric gate

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The 4 designs of electric gates in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, edited together into 1 image.
The 4 types of electric gates in Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

Electric gates are gates that carry an electric current. As such, Pikmin that are not Yellow Pikmin cannot touch them, under the risk of death (Pikmin 2), temporary paralysis (Pikmin 3), or a combination of both (Pikmin 4). Other than that, they can be taken down just like any other type of gate.

In Pikmin 2, they resemble a fence made of metal, and sink to the ground as they take damage. All electric gates have exactly 16000 hit-points.

In Pikmin 3, they are made of four fluorescent lamps laid horizontally on top of one another, with each lamp breaking down (and becoming harmless) at each stage of destruction. When the gate is finally opened, all lamps explode. Pikmin cannot grab on to this type of gate – they can only attack from the ground. Bomb rocks cannot be used to damage these gates. In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, some electric gates have additional black stripes on them, and there are 4 variants of gates: one with no black stripes, one with 2 horizontal black stripes on each pillar, one with a vertical black stripe on each pillar, and one with diagonal black stripes on each pillar.

In Pikmin 4, they retain a similar appearance to what is depicted in Pikmin 3, now only having three fluorescent lamps instead of four. Oatchi is able to take one down if he has the Anti-Electrifier, and like with dirt walls, he can cause a lot of damage by rushing against them. Glow Pikmin can also attack electric gates.


Pikmin 2
Pikmin 3
  • Tropical Wilds: one gate blocks the entrance to the Shaggy Long Legs's main arena.
  • Garden of Hope: one gate is near the Red Bulborb at the start, another is in the dirt area with Fiery Blowhogs, next to the landing site, a third is after the area where Brittany is rescued, and the final one is on the elevator platform puzzle side-view segment.
  • Distant Tundra: the first gate is right next to the landing site, and the second is between the entrance to the Pyroclasmic Slooch cave and the entrance to the Yellow Pikmin cave.
  • Twilight River: one is on the other side of the river from the landing site, to the north, and the other is next to the Burrowing Snagret's arena.
  • Silver Lake: a gate blocks off the circular alcove in the northernmost part of the area in both versions.
  • Twilight Hollow: In the Collect Treasure! version, a gate is between the eastern section and the southern connector and another is in the western part separating the lily pad access point.
  • Tropical Forest Remix: one gate is near the building side of the bridge.
  • Silver Lake Remix: the same gate appears as in Silver Lake.
  • Distant Tundra Remix: the first and second gates return from the original area, and a third one appears near the second next to the river.
  • Fortress of Festivity: In the Connect Treasure! version, one gate is in the east, next to the Yellow Pikmin, two Insect Condos, and a Slapstick Crescent. In the Battle Enemies! version, a gate is between the largest red and cyan presents, with a Fiery Blowhog on either side.
  • The Rustyard: In the Collect Treasure! version, one gate is on the western path that connects the two halves.
  • Forgotten Cove: In the Collect Treasure! version, one gate blocks the entrance to the Baldy Long Legs's arena.
  • Clockwork Chasm: In the Battle Enemies! version, one gate is right next to the SPERO.
  • River: An electric gate divides the two shores of the river for the land-based Pikmin.
  • Tundra: An electric gate rests directly adjacent to the Onion, blocking convenient access to the south side of the map.
  • First Part Found: One appears near the beginning of the stage, and another appears directly in front of the SPERO. Both are mandatory to clear.
  • Team Monster Hunt: One is near Louie's spawn position.
  • Looking for Louie: An electric gate is on Olimar's side of the map, blocking a dirt mound containing bomb rocks.
  • Another Part Found: An electric gate must be destroyed to collect some fragments of a bridge. A second electric gate covers the exit of the ending area, though entrance is available by falling down a ledge.
  • Arid Metropolis: In one layout of this stage, there are two electric gates near both players' starts in two separate crossings.
  • Rusted Labyrinth: In one layout of this stage, there are four electric gates; one near each player's Onion blocking a Red Bulborb and a fruit, and two on the middle corridor surrounding Red Pikmin sprouts.
  • Jigsaw Fortress: In one layout of this stage, there are two electric gates; one in the outskirts of the fortress and one next to some plastic crates. And in another layout, there are four; one next to a Yellow Wollywog and three on the first floor of the fortress, two of which block an entrance from a hay stack ramp.
  • Blooming Terrace: In one layout, there's one in the middle pathway and there are two spots with a Bearded Amprat each surrounded by a dirt wall and an electric gate.
  • Parched Brook: In one layout, there's one gate blocking a slope up to the higher area of each player's side.
  • Corroded Maze: In one layout, there are two gates in the middle of the map trapping two fruits.
  • Jigsaw Colosseum: In one layout, there's a gate before two separate rooms with Yellow Pikmin sprouts and two gates blocking the middle area with a Calcified Crushblat.
Pikmin 4

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Hey! Pikmin
  • Ravaged Rustworks
    • Pollution Pool: The only two electric gates in the game appear here. The first one is near the beginning, and can be taken down quickly. The second is right before the end of the level. Because Yellow Pikmin can't be brought underwater, and they are needed to break the gate, the player must complete a bridge with Blue Pikmin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 電気のカべ?
Denki no Kabe
Electric wall
Flag of Germany German Elektrozaun Electric fence
Flag of Italy Italian Muro elettrico Electric wall
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Portão eletrificado Electrified gate
Flag of Spain Spanish Puerta electrificada Electrified gate

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