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Iridescent Flint Beetle

Iridescent Flint Beetle In-game icon.

Icon for the Iridescent Flint Beetle, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.

Appears in PikminPikmin 2Pikmin 3Pikmin 4
Scientific name Pilli envelopens (Striped)
Pilli envelopens striaticus (Spotted)
Family Flint beetle
Areas The Impact Site, The Forest of Hope, The Forest Navel, Awakening Wood, Garden of Hope, Twilight River, Sun-Speckled Terrace, Blossoming Arcadia, Giant's Hearth
Caves Citadel of Spiders, Cavern of Chaos, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den, Crackling Cauldron, Kingdom of Beasts, Frozen Inferno
Challenge Mode stages The Impact Site, The Distant Spring, Novice Training
Mission Mode Collect Treasure! stages Tropical Forest, Thirsty Desert, The Rustyard
Mission Mode Battle Enemies! stages None
Side Story days None
Dandori Challenge stages Rockaway Cellars
Dandori Battle stages None
2-Player Battle stages None
Bingo Battle stages Blooming Terrace
Attacks None

The Iridescent Flint Beetle (コガネモチ?, lit.: "Small Riches Holder") is an enemy in the mainline Pikmin games. Iridescent Flint Beetles are harmless to Pikmin, and instead run around unpredictably. When a Pikmin is thrown directly on top of one, it will flip over and drop a useful object, such as a pellet or a drop of spray. Pikmin attacking from the ground cannot harm them. They spends most of the time underground, only surfacing when a leader comes near, and they will return to the ground after some time has passed or after they have been hit enough times.

The name "Iridescent Flint Beetle" can refer to two different subspecies of creatures: the main one from Pikmin, Pikmin 2, and Pikmin 4, or the spotted subspecies from Pikmin 3. Aside from appearance, both species act identically.


Game Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
  N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A No
  N/A N/A N/A N/A 1000 0.3 HP/s
  (?) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A[note 1] No
  N/A N/A N/A N/A 200 No
  1. ^ The game files specify that this enemy has 1 HP.


In Pikmin, the Iridescent Flint Beetle is small, round, and fairly common, with a green body and yellow eyes. They are mostly found in foliage or in corners. When hit, they drop, in order[1]:

  • A 1-pellet,
  • Two doses of nectar,
  • Two more doses of nectar,
  • A 5-pellet,
  • A 1-pellet,
  • Two doses of nectar,
  • Two more doses of nectar,
  • A 5-pellet.

After that, more hits will not generate anything. This is difficult to achieve before it returns underground, however, due to its unpredictable and swift movement. It also poses an indirect threat to Pikmin, as it will often run through Olimar's army. This results in the Pikmin automatically attacking and chasing it unless called back, which can lead them into danger.

Pikmin 2Edit

The creature on the Piklopedia.

In Pikmin 2, the Iridescent Flint Beetle's appearance was slightly changed to have a different coloration, and it is slightly smaller. Pikmin no longer attack them automatically as they do in the original game. In all Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode levels they're in, these creatures drop treasures. They are found in similar locations, but only drop three things: a 1-pellet (a dose of nectar if it's underground), 2 doses of nectar, and then a dose of ultra-spicy spray (3 doses of nectar if the ultra-spicy spray hasn't been discovered yet). Using Purple Pikmin, it is easier to fight them due to the shockwaves that the heavy Purple Pikmin produce when thrown. It is possible to defeat these creatures while petrified, but they drop neither nectar nor spray and leave no corpse.

On the main menu, if the player presses   /  , an Iridescent Flint Beetle may appear that can be controlled with   /  . The beetle will be swarmed if it gets close to the Pikmin. This is just one of the main menu easter eggs.

Pikmin 3Edit

The Iridescent Flint Beetle near the landing site in the Garden of Hope.

In Pikmin 3, the Iridescent Flint Beetle was significantly redesigned. Its eyes (now purple) are still on stalks, but it sports two horizontally-facing antennae that look almost like a mustache, its shiny exoskeleton seems to have layers and appears less vibrant, and its underside appears to have four glowing, blue spots. In Pikmin 3 Deluxe's Piklopedia, Olimar confirms this drastic appearance change is due to them being a subspecies of the ones from previous games. The only way to harm one of these creatures, as with previous games, is by throwing Pikmin on its back, upon which it drops nectar or pellets.

Pikmin 4Edit

In Pikmin 4, the Iridescent Flint Beetle returns to a more familiar design, looking more similar to how they do in Pikmin and Pikmin 2, while also slightly redesigning many aspects of the creature's appearance. Unlike the previous iterations which would drop Pellets or nectar, the Flint Beetle can now additionally drop raw material as well as Pellets, and with increasingly higher rewards as it would before.


Olimar's voyage log

This creature's hypnotic reflective body is quite hard, giving it a good defense against Pikmin attacks. Why, then, do the Pikmin chase it in such a frenzy? I wonder if it will undergo any change if I hit it directly with Pikmin...

Reel notes

This forager stores undigested pellets in its stomach for winter.

Olimar's notes

Flint beetles are nocturnal, choosing to hide in the grass by day and stay active at night. These creatures keep undigested food pellets in their stomachs to sustain them through winter, but given the right stimulus they will spit them out. Recent research has revealed that these pellets are enveloped in a membrane that seals and preserves them in a sterile, airtight environment. If kept at room temperature, it seems that this pellet membrane will keep its contents fresh for up to six months. The membrane may be made from the same substance that gives the exoskeleton of the flint beetle its beautiful sheen.

Louie's notes

An essential flavor-accentuating ingredient in gumbo and jambalaya. Also delicious in soups, broths, and marinades.

Alph's comments

Structural flaw: back
Weight: unknown

It reminds me a bit of prize-dispensing machines. Only instead of putting in coins, you throw Pikmin, and instead of toys, you get pellets and nectar.

Brittany's comments

The pop quiz of indigenous creatures. You might think you're ready for it, but when the time comes, you're probably not. There's no penalty for failure except missing out on neat rewards, which is basically torture.

Charlie's comments

Finding one of these critters means it's your lucky day! If you can manage to hit it with Pikmin, it'll drop pellets and nectar. All you have to do is wait for it to stop and then press the attack!

Louie's comments

  US version
An essential flavor-accentuating ingredient in gumbo and jambalaya. Also delicious in soups, broths, and marinades.
  European version
An essential flavour-accentuating ingredient in gumbo and jambalaya. Also delicious in soups, broths, and marinades.

Olimar's comments

Iridescent Flint Beetle
Pilli envelopens striaticus
Flint beetle family

Flint beetles are nocturnal, choosing to hide in the grass by day and stay active at night. These creatures keep undigested food pellets in their stomachs to sustain them through winter, but given the right stimulus they will spit them out. Recent research has revealed that these pellets are enveloped in a membrane that seals and preserves them in a sterile, airtight environment. If kept at room temperature, it seems that this pellet membrane will keep its contents fresh for up to six months. The membrane may be made from the same substance that gives the exoskeleton of the flint beetle its beautiful sheen. This specimen is a subspecies of the previously documented species, recognizable by the variant pattern on its back.

Dalmo's NotesEdit

This scuttling little one is a good-luck talisman you'd be happy to encounter. If you're fortunate enough to come upon one, make a wish before it leaves. The way its iridescent carapace changes colour depending on the angle you view it from is so distracting that I often forget to wish for something!

Pikmin Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

Steeliprax hide in the grass during the day, but they're quite active at night, gathering food to turn into pellets. Steeliprax keep undigested food pellets in their stomachs as food for the winter months, but they will spit them out given the correct stimulus. These pellets seem to be enveloped in a membrane that seals and preserves them in a sterile, airtight environment. If kept at room temperature, this pellet membrane seems to keep its contents from spoilage for up to six months. I also believe that the membrane is made from the same substance that gives the exoskeleton of the steeliprax its beautiful appearance.
Pikmin will automatically attack the elusive and harmless flint beetle when it appears. If your Pikmin defeat it, a pellet will appear.

Pikmin Nintendo Power booklet descriptionEdit

Pikmin hold a deep hatred for flint beetles. Whenever they spot their shiny shell, they become possessed by rage and will attack without being commanded to do so. Usually, their efforts are unsuccessful.

Pikmin 2 Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

Squirrely Flint Beetles hold nectar. They won't harm your Pikmin, but they won't stand and let you defeat them, either. If you're on the trail of an Iridescent Flint Beetle, anticipate when it will stop moving, aim, then hit it with a quick accurate toss.

Pikmin 3 Prima GuideEdit

The Iridescent Flint Beetle is a harmless burrowing creature. Attacking the creature generally yields a nice supply of pellets and Nectar.

The Iridescent Flint Beetle is a fast-moving creature. When the creature emerges, allow it to scurry around the area. When the creature stops moving, you have a brief window to attack. Toss a single Pikmin directly onto the Iridescent Flint Beetle to yield a nice reward. Repeat the process as many times as possible before the Iridescent Flint Beetle burrows back underground.


The Flint Beetle is harmless and will remain underground until a leader or Pikmin approaches its resting spot. Once active, the Flint Beetle will scurry about in no particular direction; only away from the player after being hit. It moves quickly and can be difficult to hit at times, but repeatedly flipping it over for up to three times will provide increasingly valuable rewards. After being hit three times, or being active for a certain amount of time, the creature will scurry back underground. Though it does not die, it will not return for the rest of the day/challenge.


The following article or section contains guides.
The strategies shown are just suggestions.

While the Flint Beetle cannot be killed, it can have certain items knocked out of it. The creature can only be attacked with Pikmin, as leaders have no way of damaging this creature aside from ultra-bitter spray. Pikmin must be thrown at the Beetle's shell to flip it, knocking out useful items. The Iridescent Glint Beetle and the Doodlebug are damaged in the same way.

Purple Pikmin in Pikmin 2 can home in, making them easier to hit with. With proper timing, or by repeatedly throwing Pikmin, one can hit the beetle before it begins running again, resulting in the creature staying in the same place.

In the Super Smash Bros. seriesEdit

The Iridescent Flint Beetle appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a trophy.

Brawl trophyEdit


A member of the flint beetle family featuring an iridescent, shining shell that is also prized for its strength. These beetles are packed with nectar and pellets, which they drop when attacked. These can be collected, although the reason for doing so is unknown. Apparently, Pikmin are quite attracted to these beetles—the sight of one will send them running after it.

  Pikmin 2
How to obtain: Random appearance. Type: Fighter Related

Smash 4 trophyEdit

    US description:

These guys appear in the Pikmin series, dropping rare items and fleeing nearby Pikmin. Purple Pikmin can flip them over, making the whole "getting rare items" process a lot easier. According to Louie, cooking one of these guys yields a meal with a distinct and delicious flavor.
Appears in:

  Pikmin (12/2001)
  Pikmin 2 (08/2004)
  EU description:

These rare bugs from the Pikmin series have a unique and delicious flavour. (That's what Louie says, anyway.) They also hold on to some valuable items, which might explain why they run away as soon as you find them. To make things easier, throw a Purple Pikmin at one to flip it onto its back, then send the rest of your squad to attack.
Related Games

  Pikmin (06/2002)
  Pikmin 2 (10/2004)
How to obtain: Random appearance. Type: Series Related Trophy Box: 61. Distant Planet & Indigenous Creatures

Technical informationEdit

Pikmin technical information (?)
Internal name kogane
Pikmin 2 technical information (?)
Internal name kogane
Global properties (List)
ID Japanese comment Property Value
s000 friction(not used) Friction 0.5
s001 wallReflection Unknown (wall bounce speed multiplier?) 0.5
s002 faceDirAdjust Unknown 0.25
s003 accel Acceleration 0.15
s004 bounceFactor Unknown (bounce when it hits the ground?) 0.3
fp00 ライフ HP 1000
fp01 マップとの当り Unknown (related to slopes) 15
fp02 ダメージスケールXZ Horizontal damage scale 0
fp03 ダメージスケールY Vertical damage scale 0
fp04 ダメージフレーム Damage scale duration 0
fp05 質量 Unknown (weight?) 0.01
fp06 速度 Move speed 200
fp08 回転速度率 Rotation acceleration 0.4
fp09 テリトリー Territory radius 1
fp10 ホーム範囲 "Home" radius 1
fp11 プライベート距離 "Private" radius 0
fp12 視界距離 Sight radius 50
fp13 視界角度 FOV 180
fp14 探索距離 Unknown (exploration radius?) 0
fp15 探索角度 Unknown (exploration angle?) 0
fp16 振り払い率 Successful shake rate 0
fp17 振り払い力 Shake knockback 0
fp18 振り払いダメージ Shake damage 0
fp19 振り払い範囲 Shake range 0
fp20 攻撃可能範囲 Unknown (shock attack max range?) 0
fp21 攻撃可能角度 Unknown (shock attack max angle?) 0
fp22 攻撃ヒット範囲 Unknown (attack hit range?) 0
fp23 攻撃ヒット角度 Unknown (attack hit angle?) 0
fp24 攻撃力 Attack damage 0
fp25 視界高 Unknown (height visibility?) 50
fp26 探索高 Unknown (exploration height?) 0
fp27 ライフの高さ HP wheel height 50
fp28 回転最大速度 Rotation speed 360
fp29 警戒時間 Unknown (warning time?) 0
fp30 警戒ライフ Unknown 0
fp31 ライフ回復率 Regeneration rate 0.00001
fp32 LOD半径 Off-camera radius 50
fp33 マップとのあたりポリゴンの選定 Collision processing radius 30
fp34 ピクミンとのあたり Pikmin damage radius 15
fp35 石化時間 Petrification duration 1
fp36 ヒップドロップダメージ Purple Pikmin drop damage 50
fp37 地震気絶確立 Purple Pikmin stun chance 0.3 (30%)
fp38 地震気絶時間 Purple Pikmin stun time 5
ip01 振り払い打撃A Shake mode 1 – hit count 0
ip02 振り払い張付1 Shake mode 1 – Pikmin requirement 0
ip03 振り払い打撃B Shake mode 2 – hit count 0
ip04 振り払い張付2 Shake mode 2 – Pikmin requirement 0
ip05 振り払い打撃C Shake mode 3 – hit count 0
ip06 振り払い張付3 Shake mode 3 – Pikmin requirement 0
ip07 振り払い打撃D Shake mode 4 – hit count 0
Specific properties
ID Japanese comment Property Value
fp01 出現時間(Min) Min time spent out of the ground 20
fp02 出現時間(Max) Max time spent out of the ground 30
fp10 移動時間(Min) Min time spent walking 0.3
fp11 移動時間(Max) Max time spent walking 0.7
fp20 停止時間(Min) Min time spent stopped 0.5
fp21 停止時間(Max) Max time spent stopped 2
fp30 向き変え角度 Max angle change between walks 90
fp40 スケール Scale 0.8
Pikmin 3 technical information (?)
Internal name kogane
HP 1
Rock Pikmin throw hits to kill 0
White Pikmin ingestions to kill 0
Bomb rock explosions to kill 0
Bomb rock ingestions to kill 0
Number of direct hits on top to kill 0
Damage to leaders 0
Territory radius 100
Mission Mode value 0

Other informationEdit


  • Common name: Iridescent Flint Beetle. The word "iridescent" means "showing different colours depending on the viewer's angle", referring to its shiny elytron. Flint is a type of hard rock historically used to ignite fires by striking other rocks, similar to how striking it with a Pikmin yields prizes. However, "flint" is also similar to "glint", meaning "a bright reflection of light" – this is used in its relative's name, the Iridescent Glint Beetle.
  • Japanese nickname: コガネモチ?, lit.: "Small Riches Holder". コガネ? means "Small amount of money", likely referring to how it gives out worse prizes than its golden counterpart, and モチ? means "holder". "Koganemushi" 黄金虫? also means scarab beetle, which its color is similar to.
  • Japanese name: タテスジルリコガネモチ?, lit.: "Vertical Stripes Lapis Lazuli Small Riches Holder" (Pikmin, Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 4); マダラルリコガネモチ?, lit.: "Spotted Lapis Lazuli Small Riches" (Pikmin 3 Deluxe).
  • Scientific name: Pilli envelopens (Pikmin, Pikmin 2, and Pikmin 4); Pilli envelopens striaticus (Pikmin 3 Deluxe). Pilli is probably derived from "pill", in reference to its round shape. Envelopens is based on the English word "envelop", which means "to cover", possibly chosen due to the creature being mostly covered in a flint-hard shell. Striaticus likely comes from "stria", a term for a narrow streak or groove, or more specifically "striated", the state of having striae. While this term better describes the grooves found in the regular variant, the different color of the spots makes them more noticeable.
  • Internal names: Its internal name in all of the games is kogane, part of its Japanese nickname.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning Notes
  Japanese コガネモチ?
Kogane Mochi
Small Riches Holder
Xiǎo Fù Chóng
Small Riches Bug
Xiǎo Fù Chóng
Small Riches Bug
  Dutch Smaragdpraalkever Emerald splendor beetle
  French Scarabée Iridescent
Scarabée iridescent (Pikmin 4)
Iridescent Beetle
Iridescent beetle (Pikmin 4)
  German Psychilex Iridescent Flint Beetle Psychilex is the German name for the Iridescent Flint Beetle
  Italian Iridococco Iris coccus From "iridescente" and possibly "cocciniglia" (cochineal)
  Korean 황금벌레
Gold Bug
  Spanish Escarabajo de sílex iridiscente Iridescent flint beetle
  Portuguese Silisouro iridescente (Pikmin 4) Iridescent flineetle (Pikmin 4) "Silisouro" is a portmanteau of "sílex" (flint) and "besouro" (beetle)
  Portuguese (NoE) Besouro Iridescente Iridescent beetle Name taken from a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS



  • The Iridescent Glint Beetle belongs in a different family, the Glint beetle family, while their genera is the same as the Iridescent Flint Beetles. In real life, it is impossible for members of different families to share a genus; this would mean their genus identifiers are coincidentally the same instead of related.
  • The European version of the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy advises players to flip the creature over with a Purple Pikmin and then having them attack it. This strategy doesn't make much sense, and was likely mistaken for the Anode Beetle instead, which lacks a trophy.
  • Prior to the release of Pikmin 2 (Nintendo Switch), the Doodlebug was mistakenly referred to as belonging to the "Flint bug family" in the English version, even though it were claimed to share the same genus as the Iridescent Flint Beetle. In the Japanese version of Pikmin 2, the Iridescent Flint Beetle and the Doodlebug have always shared the same family.
    • In the Spanish version, the Flint Beetle, Glint Beetle, and Doodlebug are from the same family. Even though the Glint Beetle is referred to belong in a different family in the Japanese version.
  • In Pikmin 3, when an Iridescent Flint Beetle is hit with a Pikmin and lands on the ground, it makes a clink like a coin hitting the ground.
  • The Iridescent Flint Beetle may be based off jewel beetles.
  • The Iridescent Flint Beetle can be killed when turned to stone by an Ultra-Bitter Spray in Pikmin 2, or frozen by an ice blast in Pikmin 4.

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